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EK18A-212LI Lithium Electric Forklift

Lithium-Ion Powered Forklift

The EKKO E18A-212LI  3 Wheel Lithium Forklift is designed for use for all of your material handling demands. It is ideal for loading and unloading trucks, loading docks, stock rooms, manufacturing floors and warehousing.

 Made from high quality steel and components with durable quality drives to withstand any terrain, usage, impact and directional changes for the use of any application with confidence and assurance.


  • Load Capacity 4000 lb

  • Raised Height 212" (17.66ft)

  • Side Shifting Forks

  • Free Lift 55.7"

  • Adjustable Forks 

  • Hydraulic Steering

  • ZAPI controller

  • Battery 80V/202Ah Lithium (included)

  • Solid Pneumatic Tires

  • Ergonomic Handle and Controls

  • Steel Construction

  • Robotic Welding

  • Charger Included

  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Model: EK18A-212LI

Drive type: Lithium Forklift

Type of operation: Rider

Load Capacity: 4,000 LBS

Load Center distance: 24 in

Lift height: 212 in

Free lift height: 55.7 in

Axle center to fork face: 14.6 in

Wheelbase: 55.1 in

Service Weight: 8,105 LBS

Tire material: Solid Pneumatic Tire

Driving Mode: Seated

Tire size front: 200/50-10

Tire size rear: 16x6-8

Wheels: 2x/2

Tread, front: 36.5 in

Tread, back: 9.8 in

Service Brake: Hydraulic Foot Pedal

Lowered mast height: 95.5 in

Height of overhead guard (cabin): 80.33 in

Height of seat: 116.9 in

Overall width: 44.1

Overall width: 46.45 in

Overall length with forks: 133 in

Overall length without forks: 96 in

Min turning radius: 65.9 in

Ground clearance under mast: 3.5 in

Traveling speed (laden/unladen): 10/10 mph

Lifting speed, with/without load: 78.7/118.1 fpm

Climbing ability, with/without load: 22% / 30%

Mast Tilt: 3/5 deg

Drive motor, 60-minute rating: 7.7x2 HP

Lift motor rating at S3 15%: 18.8 hp

Battery voltage/rated capacity: 80/202 V/Ah Lithium 

Type of drive control: MOSFET/AC

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