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The ePicker JX0-118 Electric Access Vehicle is a compact and flexible solution for environments looking to replace ladders and improve productivity. With a carrying capacity of over 200 lbs. on the powered front load tray,  the ePicker JX0-118 is ideal for warehouse use, eCommerce, retail operations, and other industrial and commercial applications.

Designed for operator comfort, accurate steering, and operator safety, the JX0-118 features easy-to-learn controls. Planning to replace ladders in your facility with a safer, more productive alternative?  

 Contact your ePicker dealer today for more information or to schedule a demo of the JX0-118 at your facility.


200 lbs. Front load tray
250 lbs. Front load deck
300 lbs. Operator compartment

An electro-mechanical brake is located on the front drive wheel. (2) Front mounted polyurethane caster wheels are adjacent.
Drive tires: 8.3" x 2.8" polyurethane
Rear tires: 9.8" x 3.9" non-marking rubber

Battery and Charger
(2) 12v 120AH AGM maintenance free batteries are located in the lower chassis. Integral 110 VAC smart charger @15A. 



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  • • Audible back-up or travel alarm
    • Plexiglass insert for front load tray
    • Rail guidance

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