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Electric Task Support Vehicle

JX1-126 / 162 / 192

Ideal for warehouse, eCommerce, retail and other industrial and commercial applications, the ePicker Task Support Vehicle was designed as an alternative to rolling ladders and much larger equipment used to complete elevated tasks in the workplace. Compact and capable, the ePicker Task Support Vehicle is highly maneuverable, intuitive to operate and an excellent equipment choice in support of overhead maintenance, inventory management or order picking duties.

The ePicker task support vehicle can do a lot for a small machine, the ability to drive, tow and elevate make it a unique and exceptional tool. Designed with operator comfort, accurate steering, employee safety and easy to learn controls, why not replace ladders in your facility with a safer more productive alternative? Contact your ePicker dealer today for more information or to schedule a demo at your facility.



1,000 lbs. total vehicle capacity
up to 126" elevation

300 lbs. operator compartment 
500 lbs. front work platform
200 lbs. rear “hide away” tray

24-volt ZAPI AC-0 travel controller with 4 operator selectable travel settings and turtle speed mode. Standard travel speeds are variable from 0 to 3.4 mph with a high speed option available or ground level travel of up to 5 mph. Lift speed up to 42 fpm.


(1) 9” x 3” polyurethane

(2) 3” x 2” polyurethane
(2) 8” x 3” polyurethane

Battery and Charger
• JX1-126 & JX1-162: 29.1” x 7.9” x 30"
• JX1-192: 29.0" x 11" x 30" 


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  • • Anchor w/tether and harness
    • High speed travel
    • Tow hitch (2,500lb tow capacity)
    • 224AH AGM battery pack w/120v charger
    • Industrial battery with external charger
    • 12 volt power outlet adapter

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