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Order Picker

Electric Low Level Order Picker


The ePicker Low Level Order Picker (JX2-72) is the ideal tool for companies looking to increase pick locations and pick rate with a small flexible machine. By bringing operators several feet off the ground and products up to waist level for handling, the ePicker Low Level Order Picker (JX2-72) is a great choice for broken case picking operations such as e-commerce and retail store support.  

Compact and highly maneuverable, the ePicker Low Level Order Picker (JX2-72) is a perfect fit for both small retail aisles and large distribution centers.



1,500 lbs. @ 24” LC on forks
300 lbs. operator compartment
200 lbs. rear work platform


48-volt infinitely variable ZAPI travel controller with (4) operator selectable travel settings and turtle speed mode. Standard travel speeds are variable from 0 to 6.5 mph. 
Lift speed 33fpm loaded 55 fpm unloaded.


Maximum Lift Heights
48” operator platform, 72" forks height
Maximum Speeds
Travel: Variable from 0 mph to 4.5 mph
Lift: Up to 32 fpm


(1) 9” x 3” polyurethane drive tire
(2) 3” x 2” polyurethane stability casters
(2) 5.9” x 3.5” polyurethane load wheels

Battery and Charger

Compartment: 29.1” x 11” x 30"
Minimum battery weight 700 lbs.


Order Picker


• 12 volt accessory power supply
• 224 AH maintenance free Battery Pack w/110V Plug-In
• 24 volt industrial battery
• 24 volt external charger
• Forward controls with no side rails • Walk along order picking controls

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